Reading from Bebop


The video stream from Bebop’s front camera is published on image_raw topic as sensor_msgs/Image messages. bebop_autonomy complies with ROS camera interface specifications and publishes camera information and calibration data to camera_info topic. Due to limitations in Parrot’s ARDroneSDK3, the quality of video stream is limited to 640 x 368 @ 30 Hz.

To set the location of camera calibration data, please check this page: Configuring Bebop and the Driver

States (aka Navdata)

Unlike Parrot ARDrone, Bebop does not constantly transmit all on-board data back to the host device with high frequency. Each state variable is sent only when its value is changed. In addition, the publication rate is currently limited to 5 Hz. The driver publishes these states selectively and when explicitly enabled through a ROS parameter. For example setting ~states/enable_pilotingstate_flyingstatechanged parameter to true will enable the publication of flying state changes to topic states/ARDrone3/PilotingState/FlyingStateChanged. List of all such parameters and their corresponding topics and message types are indexed in the following pages:

Common States
List of common States and Corresponding ROS Parameters and Topics
Bebop-specific States
List of ARDrone3 States and Corresponding ROS Parameters and Topics