Frequently Asked Questions

Is bebop_autonomy based on ardrone_autonomy?

No. ardrone_autonomy is based on Parrot’s legacy SDK for AR-Drone 1.0 and 2.0, while bebop_autonomy uses Parrot’s new SDK for its third generation drones. Since these two SDKs and their underlying protocols are totally different and incompatible, we had to develop bebop_autonomy from scrath.

Is bebop_autonomy compatible with ardrone_autonomy?

Not completely.

  • Topic names, types and coordinate frame conventions for core piloting tasks are identical, however there is no explicit namespacing (i.e. takeoff instead of ardrone/takeoff)
  • bebop_autonomy does not expose services for Flight Animations or Flat Trim; topics are used instead.
  • Front camera video stream is published on image_raw topic only.
  • Parameter names, types and effects are different.
  • AR-Drone Navdata is replaced by Bebop States (see States (aka Navdata))