Configuring Bebop and the Driver

Driver Parameters

Following parameters are set during driver’s startup:


Sets the IP addres of the Bebop. The default value is


Setting this parameter to true will reset all Bebop configurations to factory defaults. Default value is false.


Setting this parameter to true will synchronize drone time with your ROS system time. Default value is false.


Sets the location of the camera calibration data. Default is empty string. For more information check this documentation.


Since v0.4, the package comes with a default camera calibration file located at bebop_driver/data/bebop_front_calib.yaml.


New in version 0.4.

Sets the safety timeout for piloting cmd_vel commands in seconds. Deafult is set to 0.1 seconds (100 miliseconds). If no piloting command is received by the driver within this timeout period, the driver issues a stop command which causes the drone to hover.


New in version 0.5.

Sets the frame_id of the odometery message (see Standard ROS messages) and the odometery frame used in the TF tree (see TF). The default value is odom.


New in version 0.5.

Enables the publishing of odom to base_link TF transform (see TF). The default value is true.


Deprecated since version 0.5.

Sets the frame_id of camera and image messages. The default value is camera_optical.

Dynamically Reconfigurable Parameters for Bebop

Following ROS parameters change Bebop’s settings. They can be tweaked during runtime using dynamic reconfigure GUI. Setting ~reset_settings parameter to true will reset all these settings to factory defaults.

List of Ardrone3 Settings and Corresponding ROS Parameter